Cost: Cross Project Budget Report

Leverage the account-level cross project budget report to gain insight into the financial health of your projects, across your company or business unit.

Accessing the Cross Project Budget Report Functionality

The cross project budget report is available to users with executive access level. Project Admins set access levels within the Members tool in the Account Admin module.


  • In the product picker, select Insight.
  • Next, select Executive Overview in the left side panel.
  • Once in the Executive Overview, select Reports to access the Reports tool. 

Creating a Report

  • Click Create Report and select the Budget Project Overview template within the Reports tool.

  • Choose a PDF or Excel report format.
  • Use filters to limit the data that appears in the report. 
    • Filters by Project options = project name, status, type, or active projects you’re an administrator on. 
    • Filters by Data options = name, budget description, original budget, and main contract. 
  • Choose the data to sort the report by and the direction of the sort.
  • Click Run report to create the report and generate the data.

  • You have the option to save the report as a template for future use.
  • To just run the report, choose the No, just run the report option.
  • To save the report as a template, choose the Yes option and enter a template title.
  • Click Run and save.